Upload dialog in Firefox
Upload dialog in Firefox

DanbooruUp is a browser extension that adds tag completion to Danbooru. For Firefox and Chrome it also adds an upload option to the context menu you get when you right click an image.

The latest version is 0.5.1.

If you encounter any problems with the extension, dmail me or report them on the forum.

The source for DanbooruUp is available at Github

The Danbooru Uploader Firefox extension was originally written by Buffered.



Download and install the Firefox extension.


For Opera 11 and later, download and install the Opera extension.

The next time you load a Danbooru page an update should start. Wait for the ‘◊’ to turn blue, answering ‘Allow’ when prompted for more space.

The extension is also available from the Opera extensions database.


Download the Chrome extension. Chrome will not allow you to install it directly from the web page - you will have to drag the downloaded file to the extensions tab ("Tools > Extensions") and confirm the prompts.

The extension is also available from the Chrome Web Store.

How to use

Using wildcards and searching related tags
Using wildcards and searching related tags

The autocompletion should work automatically on relevant fields on Danbooru.

You can use wildcards to look for tags, e.g. ‘*_hands’ will find all tags ending with ‘_hands’.

The Chrome context menu
The Chrome context menu

In Firefox or Chrome, you can right click an image and select ‘Upload Image to Danbooru’ to show an upload dialog.

You can use the following keys in the tag completion popup:

In the Firefox upload dialog you can also right-click a tag to open a tag search.


Options panel in Opera/Chrome
Options panel in Opera/Chrome

Some of the options warrant a more detailed explanation:

Alternative searching
Search for any tag containing the right letters in the right order, e.g. ‘aynr’ will match ‘ayanami_rei’.
Suggest prefixes
Suggest search prefixes like ‘rating:’, ‘user:’, etc.
Tab completion
Does not select suggested tags automatically. Instead, you can use tab to complete the current tag.
Use search history
Remember what tags you have previously searched for and present these first. Will also remember e.g. users you have searched for with the ‘user:’ prefix.


0.5.1 (2013-04-29)
0.5.0 (2013-04-15)
0.4.0 (2011-08-15)